Introduction to Osteoarthritis Initiative Prospectus

This document is a plan for the Osteoarthritis Initiative public-private research collaboration. It describes the focus and scope of the research activities that will be undertaken and represents the scientific plan. Also provided is a framework, referred to as the administrative plan, to guide the development, support, and interaction of the participants in the collaboration, known as the Osteoarthritis Initiative Public-Private Consortium. Collectively, the scientific and administrative plans are presented here as the Prospectus. The Prospectus was developed to represent the conclusions of several public reports and public meetings that are also found on this web site.

Additional information about the scientific plan is now available to the public with a request for comment on the draft requests for proposals (RFPs). Requests for additional information about or comments on the scientific plan or the RFPs should be directed to Dr. Gayle Lester (

Parties interested in participating in the Osteoarthritis Initiative as a sponsor or with questions regarding the administrative plan should contact the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health at (301) 402-5311.

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