NIAMS Conference Room
Room 803 6701 Democracy Blvd
Bethesda, MD

8:00 AM Coffee and light refreshments  
8:30 AM Welcome & Introductions Gayle Lester & Stephen Katz
9:00 AM Discussion of limits on discussion:
Phenotype — P/F versus T/F — role of osteophytes
Knee pain definitions: chronic versus infrequent
Modifiable versus non-modifiable risk factors
Marc Hochberg
10:00 AM Presentation of White Paper Kent Kwoh
10:30 AM Break  
10:45 AM Discussion of modifiable risk factors: Part I Working Group
Noon Working Lunch   presentation by AF/CDC Drs. White & Lightsey
1:30 PM Discussion of modifiable risk factors: Part II Working Group
3:00 PM Status of interventions for risk factors Working Group
3:30 PM Status of surveillance or risk assessment Chad Helmick
4:00 PM Summary of gaps, opportunities & next steps Gayle & Kent


Working Group Members:

C. Kent Kwoh University of Pittsburgh
Marc C. Hochberg University of Maryland
David Hunter New England Baptist Hospital
Joanne Jordan University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Stefan Lohmander University of Lund, Sweden
Jody Buckwalter University of Iowa
David Felson Boston University
Leena Sharma Northwestern University
Joel Block Rush Presbyterian Hospital
Tim McAlindon Tufts Medical Center
Chad Helmick CDC
MaryFran Sowers University of Michigan (by telephone)


Science Writer: Rachel Moore-Weller

CDC/Arthritis Foundation attendees:
Patience White, Bing Chang, Rollie Moskowitz, Leigh Callahan, Debra Lapin, Amy Melnick, Deb Lightsey, Susan Toal, Jeff Sacks

NIH attendees to date:
Stephen Katz; Gayle Lester; Jonelle Drugan; James Panagis; Bernadette Tyree; Joan McGowan; Chhanda Dutta; Helen Lin; Trish Reynolds

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