Spring is in the air and OAI data are everywhere!! The NIAMS announces that the UCSF Coordinating Center for the OAI has released data from the 36-month follow-up visit of the OAI cohort, including images, questionnaire and examination data. These data are available to registered users of OAI Online. To date, baseline, 12-month, 24-month and 36-month data have been released for the entire cohort; data from the 18-month and 30-month follow-up visit for a subset of participants have been released as well.

Additionally, there are standardized measurements and interpretations of OAI images from selected samples of participants available to registered users on the OAI Online site. The primary focus of these assessments is longitudinal structural outcomes of osteoarthritis. Additional image assessments will be released later this year. Image assessments can be downloaded from the OAI Online website (https://oai.epi-ucsf.org/datarelease/).

Interest in the Osteoarthritis Initiative continues to be high as does the use of the OAI Online website. To date, there are 1,508 people, representing 62 countries, who have registered for OAI Online. A total of 5,160 datasets have been downloaded.

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