September 4, 2002

Workshop on the Burden of Skin Diseases Agenda

September 4-5, 2002 (historical)

Lister Hill Auditorium, Building 38A
National Institutes of Health 
Bethesda, Maryland

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

7:00-8:00 A.M Registration

8:00-8:05 Opening Remarks
Dr. Alan N. Moshell, Chief
Skin Diseases Branch, NIAMS

8:05-8:15 Establishing Parameters for the Workshop
Dr. Irwin M. Freedberg, Chair

8:15-8:30 Overview: Scope of Disease Burden and Need for Definition/Taxonomy
Dr. Mary-Margaret Chren

8:30-9:30 Session I: Traditional Measurements of Burden: Including Economic Impact, Morbidity, Mortality, and Disease

Dr. James A. Schuttinga 
Dr. Martin Brown 
Dr. Boris D. Lushniak 
Dr. Martin Weinstock

9:30-10:30 Session I: Discussion

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:05 Session II: Personal and Family Factors: Education/Career, Children and Families (Including Family Planning), Interpersonal Relationships

Dr. Philip Fleckman 
Ms. Shelley Diamond 
Ms. Tara Rolstad 
Ms. Sharon Terry

12:05-1:05 P.M. Lunch

1:05-2:05 Session II: Discussion

2:05-3:25 Session III: Quality of Life and Measurement Instruments

Ms. Claire Snyder 
Dr. Lynn Drake
Dr. Wilma Fowler Bergfeld 
Dr. Mary-Margaret Chren

3:25-3:40 Break

3:40-4:40 Session III: Discussion

4:40-4:50 Chair's Closing/Adjourn for the Day

Thursday, September 5, 2002

8:30-8:35 A.M. Remarks by Dr. Stephen I. Katz
(Director, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)

8:35-9:55 Session IV: Societal Impact 

Dr. Dean Jamison 
Ms. LaDonna Williams 
Dr. Vicky Holets Whittemore
Dr. Robert Stern

9:55-10:55 Session IV Discussion

10:55-11:10 Break

11:10-12:40 Session V: Available Data Sets and Data Needs and Data Assessment 

Ms. Reva Lawrence 
Dr. David J. Margolis 
Dr. Steven R. Feldman
Ms. Vicki L. Burt 
Dr. Alison Ehrlich 
Dr. Robyn Thomas

12:40-1:40 P.M. Lunch

1:40-2:40 Session V: Discussion

2:40 -3:00 Workshop Wrap-up
Dr. Irwin M. Freedberg

3:00 Adjourn

3:00-4:00 Planning Workshop Summary


Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan 
Dr. Sarah L. Chamlin
Dr. Suephy C. Chen
Dr. Richard Clark 
Dr. Alan B. Fleischer
Dr. Marie-Louise Johnson 
Dr. Gerald Lazarus 
Dr. Wendy Max 
Dr. Peter Muennig 
Dr. Stephen Rapp 
Dr. Dorothy Rice 
Dr. Scott Sicherer

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